TDP 0 下部ピンドリフトアセンブリコグ (2) (Lower Pin Drift Assembly Cogs)


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The TDP 0 manual pill press machine has 2 Cogs on the Lower drift pin assembly. These two cogs are used to adjust the ejection height and the fill depth. The ejection height is the level at which the lower punch die sits. The fill depth controls the volume of powder that fills the punch die before it is compressed.

Sometimes the cogs can become seized to the lower drift pin assembly. If this happens there is a good chance that both the cogs and the lower drift pin assembly and the cogs will need to be removed and changed.

This can be a slightly difficult job as the lower drift pin assembly needs to be ether chopped out using an angle grinder or wound down through the hole in the base of the TDP 0 tablet press.

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Servicing and maintaining your TDP 0 pill press just became a much faster and easer with LFA's assistace. When you receive your parts you'll realise why LFA guarantees all of the TDP spare parts. With one of the highest customer retention rate in the industry, LFA will get you back up and running. The lower drift pin assembly cogs are designed to be used repeatedly.

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We do recommend that you keep your lower drift pin assembly greased to avoid it getting seized up in the future.

Buy LFA's quality TDP 0 parts now and you'll not be disappointed.

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Will the parts to my TDP 0 fit a TDP 1.5 or TDP 5?

There are a few interchangeable parts if both machines have been made by LFA Machines. From the TDP 0, this includes the tooling, the lower drift pin assembly, and its corresponding set of cogs.

The most important fit to check for is tooling that you may have previously purchased, because the base plates have been redesigned to fit the universal standard tooling die.

More information on the TDP Universal Tooling Standard can be found here: Tooling | Punch & Dies for TDP Pill Presses

All other parts are custom to this press.

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