How A TDP 5 Helped A Business Go Viral

How A TDP 5 Helped A Business Go Viral

Over the years we have seen a lot of entrepreneurs with unique ideas buy small machines like the TDP 5 or the DTP 25 to do R&D.

One of those entrepreneurs is called Lindsay.

Lindsay created a business called Bite with its toothpaste tablet that is preventing mountains of empty toothpaste cartons from building up each week in landfills or oceans.

In summer 2018, women's health released this promotional video on her business:

The video went viral with over 15 million views and their business took off overnight to the point where they needed a High-Speed Tablet Press to keep up with order demand.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. The highlight of the story.

What you do not see in the video is all the long hours of running tests until midnight only for the machine to jam the next morning and be back to square one.

That’s where LFA comes in.

We don’t just sell machines.

We have a team of tabletting experts ready to help you with your project if you get stuck or if something goes wrong.

Don’t worry if you have never pressed a tablet before, Lindsay had not, nor do many of our customers when they make their machine purchases.

Tablet Presses are very easy to figure out how to use. But If you do get stuck you’re just a phone call away from talking to one of our experts.

You may even find what you're looking for on the video or article section which is full of problem solving and how-to tutorials which is likely going to be your biggest asset.

When you buy a Tablet Press from LFA it grants you lifetime access to our tabletting community full of entrepreneurs like Lindsay with lifetime support.

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