Formulation Testing Services

It can be incredibly frustrating developing a tableting formulation with ingredients that don’t work together. Many of our customers have complained about running into tablet binding issues, flow problems, capping in tablets, caking powder, and much more. If you are experiencing any of these formulation difficulties, we can help.

LFA Machines delivers product testing solutions for manufacturers who are running into formulation issues with their tableting and encapsulation ingredients.

Full Formulation Testing

For up to 3 ingredients, with an additional charge per additional ingredient, we will conduct all of the tests below. Just send in your ingredients to us, and our in-house formulation scientist perform the following:

  • Individual Ingredient Tests
    • Bulk Density Calculation
    • Tapped Bulk Density Calculation
    • Angle of Repose
    • Compressibility Index
    • Hausner Ratio
  • Use of Our VM Lab Mixer Along With Post-Mix Tests
    • Mixing Your Ingredients
    • Post-Mix Powder Flow Testing
    • Post-Mix Bulk Density Calculation
    • Post-Mix Tapped Bulk Density Calculation
    • Post-Mix Angle of Repose
    • Mix Validation (carried out by 3rd party)
  • Tablet Formulation and Tablet Testing
    • Tablet Size and Weight
    • Tablet Friability
    • Tablet Hardness
    • Tablet Disintegration

Free Proof of Concept Testing

We have another service for you if you’ve already created your formula — free proof of concept testing. Send us your mix, and our formulation scientist will:

  • Analyze your formula’s flow.
  • Tablet your formulation with our TDP 5 desktop tablet press using standard 8 mm flat-faced, bevel-edge, bisect tooling.
  • Analyze your finished tablet and send it back.
  • Make recommendations on any changes (for formulations with LFA Machines excipients only).

Instead of devoting time and energy trying to perfect your formula, you can focus on growing your business. LFA Machines can help you find a solution.

If you are interested in our formulation testing services or have any questions, please reach out to us by calling 682-312-0034 or by emailing [email protected]

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