Benefits of Whey Protein Powder Supplements

Benefits of Whey Protein Powder Supplements

Whey protein is perhaps the highest quality source of concentrated protein. Many types of whey protein powder supplements are available in stores, and the consumer may be confused, for example between whey protein concentrate and whey isolate.

Whey protein concentrate is the most basic and cheapest form of whey protein. Most people know that whey is a by-product of cheese and casein manufacture. The production process is essentially a series of separation steps that isolate the casein, carbohydrates and fats, leaving a material that is, when dried to a powder, predominantly whey protein. The amount of remaining impurities depends largely on the method of processing, and it can range anywhere between 40 and 80 wt.% protein.

Whey protein isolate is a further refined form of whey concentrate in which a combination of filtration steps takes the production a stage further – the whey protein concentrate is filtered further to yield a product that is usually around 90% protein.

It may be immediately assumed that because whey isolate is purer form of whey than the concentrate, the isolate is to be preferred as the superior product. This is not necessarily the case, however, as modern processing may allow the concentrate to contain as much as 80% protein, which is not that much lower than the 90% achievable in the isolate. A comparison of the two types of whey

NHS Whey protein concentrateNHS Whey protein isolate
Serving size 30g 30g
Calories 127 120
Protein 24.0 g 27.3 g
Carbohydrates (total) 2.1 g 0.15 g
Fat (total) 2.4 g 0.45 g

But this table does not give the whole story either. The actual proteins (i.e., amino acids) in the protein powder depend not only on the starting material but also in the processing that is applied to the crude whey. The two broad separation methods are cross-flow micro filtration (CFM), and ion-exchange membrane chromatography (IEC). The additional processing adds to the cost of producing the supplement and this is reflected in the purchase price. The user should check the label carefully to ascertain the types of proteins and other nutrients present in the material to determine how effective the particular protein powder may be for the individual.

The basic whey protein can be an easy product to manufacture and really only requires a good quality powder mixer and packaging machinery. Refining using CFM and IEC adds considerably to the cost, and a whole new industry has emerged over the past few years specializing in a range of whey powder supplements for all ages and types of user.

Great for Fat Loss

Although there are many brands of whey, they all generally have a very low fat content. The carbohydrate content is also relatively low. By contrast, many whole foods such as beef steak are high in protein, but are unfortunately also high in saturated fats. With whey, you can manage the amount of protein you consume without getting additional fat in your diet.

Beneficial for Building Muscle

Whey protein is extremely effective for building muscle mass. There is usually approximately 20-30 grams of protein in each scoop of whey. Also, whey is a higher quality protein than that in whole foods. The biological value of whey is very high, meaning the body will utilize all the protein present in the material. Additionally, whey contains all the essential amino acid the body needs to build muscle mass.

If your customers are bodybuilding, power-lifting, or just into general fitness, whey can greatly aid their muscle building progress by taking whey protein supplements..

Tasty Flavours

Whey protein powders come in many flavours, common ones being chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. The powder can be mixed in any drink – mixing it with milk will basically create a tasty milkshake. Water can also be used, but some people find that less tasty than when combined with milk. Many retailers provide free shakers as a promotional gift with whey powder. Protein powder can also be added to a fruit or vegetable smoothie for a tasty breakfast food or snack.

Easy Consumption

A great benefit of whey protein powder is that it is easier to consume than whole foods. It does not require cooking and is therefore easier to prepare – the only preparation required is to mix the powder with a liquid such as milk or water.

Body Shapes and the Need for Protein

It is convenient to distinguish three basic human body shapes: the ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. An ectomorph is basically a regular slim guy. The word refers to a body type that has a small bone structure and a very high metabolism. Ectomorphs usually have a more difficult time building muscle mass because they need to consume more calories than other body types. Ectomorphs have flat chests and small shoulders, and lean muscle mass. Whey protein can provide those extra calories and grams of protein that ectomorph body types need.

A mesomorph can be considered an average body shape. It is characterised as being a generally hard rectangular body with well defined muscles, strong and athletic. A mesomorph gains muscle easily but also gains fat more easily than ectomorphs.

At the other extreme, the endomorph is of stocky build with much body fat. Needless to say the endomorph requires much fewer calories than other body types, and rarely needs to take in more protein than is supplied in a regular diet.

Of course these three body types are a convenient generalisation and in reality most people are a combination of two or more types. Nevertheless, the categorisation is useful in that it can help determine the level of supplements necessary to build up muscle according to the level of physical activity required.

Other Notable Whey Protein Supplement Benefits

  • Boosts immune system
  • Decrease triglyceride levels
  • Decreases muscle recovery time after strenuous workouts
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Higher glutathione levels (good for protecting cells and maintaining liver health)

Whey protein supplements can be a great addition to your customers’ diet. With the right exercise regime, they can assist in building up muscle mass; lose weight, boost immune system, and much more. With such strong benefits you should consider adding protein supplements to your existing range of products.


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