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Prensa Rotativa para Comprimido RTP41


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A RTP 41 é o topo, a nossa gama de Rotary Tablet Prensas. Com 41 estações da RTP 41 gira em 30rpm e tem uma capacidade de produção de cerca de 170.000 unidades por hora. A máquina vem com uma extensa garantia de peças e suporte técnico e é perfeito para amplificar sua produção.. A torre é cercado por Perspex para evitar a contaminação cruzada de produtos. Como padrão, o RTP41 vem um pó unidade de extração e tem touch screen. A máquina também pode ter um sistema automático de corte de função instalado, favor entrar em contato para mais detalhes.

The care taken at the design stage of this pill press has been thorough and comprehensive, with everything possible done to improve speed and efficiency and reduce downtime. From its GMP compliant stainless steel manufacture, to the special refinements that reduce powder wastage and cut maintenance, the RTP41 tablet press has been created to mass produce pharmaceutical quality tablets at a competitive unit cost and in quantities that will meet the demands of even the largest manufacturers.

Main benefits at a glance:

  • GMP compliant, stainless steel construction for hygiene and durability
  • 80Kn pressure for top quality tablets
  • Double colour option
  • Carved characters or motifs
  • 180,000 tablets an hour
  • Tablets up to 12mm diameter plus special shapes
  • Perspex turret shield avoids cross contamination and achieves high degree of user safety that meets all applicable safety standards.
  • Fully adjustable speed achieved through simple electronic controls
  • Tablet size and depth easily adjustable
  • Automatic pressure overload cut out mechanism for enhanced safety
  • Innovative semi-automatic lubrication system cuts maintenance time, avoids wear, and avoids contamination
  • Powder suction unit recycles extraneous powder increasing efficiency, reducing wastage and avoiding blockages
  • Dies compatible with RTP 19, RTP 33, RTP 35 and RTP 37 for easy availability


The RTP41’s feature set is genuinely impressive, with offerings that no one other comparable machine can match. The 4Kw motor produces up to 80Kn of pressure, giving it the muscle to churn out industrial quantities of perfectly formed tablets up to 12mm wide and 6 mm deep, and to emblazon them with crisply carved characters or an emblem. The RTP41 also offers the option of adding a double layered, two-colour facility, for producers who are looking to produce striking tablets with strong commercial appeal.

Management of tablet size, depth, and motor speed are all achieved entirely through simple electronic controls, with comprehensive warning lights to keep the operator informed. While an automatic cut out mechanism makes sure that the immense pressure the machine generates is applied safely. A four sided Perspex shield completely encloses the turret, enhancing operator safety, and preventing air borne cross contamination of the powder. For easy cleaning and access, the shield can be opened on all sides. The powder itself is used with maximum efficiency, thanks to a vacuum driven suction unit that draws excess powder from the die area and returns it to be reused. As well as being efficient in terms of preventing wastage, this also reduces the cleaning needed to deal with flying powder, and reduces the danger of a blockage disrupting production.

Maintenance of this tablet press is simplified by the groundbreaking, semi-automatic lubrication system contained within a sealed unit at the base of the machine. This not only saves a great deal of time, but it also cuts the risk of oil contamination, reduces heat build up and ensures smooth functioning and reduced component wear.

A point of note is that the dies the RTP41 uses are interchangeable with other popular machines such as the RTP 19, RTP 33, RTP 35 and RTP 37, which ensures easy availability. And commonly required spares such as the upper orbit, powder filling apparatus, transmission pole and powder measure are interchangeable with the RTP33, which means replacement parts are easily available.

RTP41 Tablet Press in Use

The RTP41 is a serious piece of manufacturing plant that performs exactly as you would imagine, given its sophisticated, modern design and high quality construction. As impressive as it is, the headline rate of 180,000 tablets per hour is only half the story, because you also need to take into account the greatly reduced maintenance time that results from the innovative oiling system, vacuum powder recycling system and other refinements. In terms of overall productivity, this tablet press is therefore exceptionally efficient.

Despite its power and the immense speed of its production, the RTP41 pill press is very easy to use thanks to its all-electronic controls and warning console. Everything you need to know is right in front of you, and anything you need to adjust is within arm’s reach. No more fiddling around with wrenches to adjust the output, or trying to remember which screws to tighten. Just turn a dial and your adjustments are made quickly and efficiently. All of which means that there is more time to monitor the quality of the pills being produced, and to keep the machine filled with powder and running smoothly.

Technical Specifications

The RTP41’s 4Kw motor produces a maximum of 80Kn of pressure and powers 41 sets of dies. The maximum production capacity is approximately 180,000 tablets an hour, depending on the materials being pressed. The maximum diameter of each tablet is 12mm and the maximum thickness is 6mm, with a depth of fill up to 15mm. The turret speed ranges from 14-37 rpm. Overall dimensions are 1230mm x 950mm x 1670mm, and the weight is 1560 kg. The RTP41 is suitable for use with dry granular materials, and powders, but not superfine powders.

Our View

It is difficult not to love the RTP41. True, all machines have their strengths and drawbacks, and this tablet press represents the sort of significant investment that only a large scale producer could justify. But there is something exceptional about a machine that can do so much, so quickly and so well. The electronic controls, semi-automatic oiling, the powder suction, the two-colour option, the carved motifs, these are all features that lift the RTP41 into a class of its own.

If you have seen our RTP41 video you will know that this is a modern, good looking piece of equipment, full of neat lines and gleaming stainless steel. In action it lives up to its high-tech promise, producing astonishing numbers of perfect tablets with unmatched efficiency. If you want the ultimate in tablet mass production capacity, this is the machine for you. 

SpecificationRTP 41 (Standard)RTP 41 (Euro)RTP 23 (Euro)
Number of dies 41 41 23
Tooling Spec RTP Tooling Euro B Tooling Euro D Tooling
Max Pressure (Kn) 80
Max Pre Pressure 80
Max Diameter of Tablet (mm) 13
Max Fill Depth (mm) 15
Max Thickness of Tablet (mm) 6
Turret Speed (r/min) 14 – 37
Max Production Capacity Per Hour 182,040 182,040 102,000
Number of Filling Stations 2
Double Layered Tablet On Request
Motor (KW) 4
Number of Phases 3
AMP's 32
Volts 440v
Height (mm) 1670
Width (mm) 950
Depth (mm) 1230
Weight (kg) 1676.5
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How Much Profit Will This Machine Generate?

Are you able to calculate the amount of profit your business generates per tablet? If so, this calculator will be able to tell you how many hours you will have to run this tablet press to cover its investment.

It will also be able to tell you the amount of profit it will generate every hour you run this tablet press, which makes this calculator a powerful tool when deciding on which tablet press is right for you or your business.


Profit Generated Per Hour

This machine returns it's investment in hours

Algum tipo de treinamento é fornecido com esta máquina?

Sim, oferecemos treinamento. Será em Bicester, em nosso escritório. Levará cerca de um dia.

Quão rápido a prensa pagará por si mesma?

Muito rapidamente. O custo médio por comprimido ao obtê-los por um fabricante sob contrato é de £0.002 - £0.005 dependendo da dificuldade e tamanho da produção. Isso significa que a TDP 5 pagará por si mesmo em tão pouco quanto 380,000 comprimidos. À 5000 comprimidos por hora, são apenas 76 horas.

Can I come to one of your facility for training with my own formula?

Yes, you can but there are a number of requirements that we need to fulfil first.

You will need to contact our team and provided them with a copy of all of your MSDS for all of the components of your mix.

We need to have a good understanding of your business and the challenges you are facing.

You will also need to book an appointment with the office that you would like to visit.

For more information please get in contact with the team:

Can I get support from LFA if I face problems with making tablets?

Yes. Very easily.

We have free lifetime technical support for all machines sold by LFA.

Just contact us with your machine serial number and we would be happy to help you with any problems.

Can I order custom tooling?

Yes. You can order custom tooling here

What particle size will work on this machine?

As with any tablet press, it is good to have a particle size of around 80-60 mesh.

This would be large enough to avoid large losses and small enough to flow well through the machine. If the powder is finer than this then you are going to experience a larger level of loss.

If the particles are larger than this then it might not flow through the machine well and get caught as it is trying to enter into the die bore.

This being said every powder is very different and you will need to do tries to work out what is best for them.

What technical support and training comes with this machine?

There are a number of ways we are able to support you:

  • Every machine comes with a full manual to be emailed to you after purchase.
  • There is a large range of video tutorials to teach you how to use the press.
  • The machine comes with lifetime technical support, you can call, Skype or email to get answers to your questions and problems.
  • We also offer free training at any one of our regional offices.

If after all of this you are still struggling to use your press then we are able to come to you.

This is a service we do charge for.

More information on this can be found here:

Can you set this machine up for an X mg tablet weight?

Yes, the TDP range all have a weight adjustment for it.

It is the bottom of the two cogs on the lower drift pin assembly.

Here is a link to a video showing you how to tune up the TDP 5:

It is important to know that the exact weight of each tablet will vary from tablet to tablet.

A well-homogenized mix that has a consistent granule size should be able to achieve an accuracy of +/- 3% or less.

What should we do if we don't want to use any excipients, especially binders?

Get a capsule filler.

You will not be able to make tablets.

Click here for more information

What plug does this machine come with?

We send out all machines with the local plug on and set up to run on the local power supply.

Is there a system that allows customers to check the warranty period of their machines?

In order to determine whether or not your machine is still under warranty you will need to call or email the office the machine was purchased from and provide the serial number.

Is the tooling for all RTP machines the same?

No, there are 3 specifications for Rotary Press Tooling and a number of different sizes that fall under them. These 3 specifications are RTP, Euro, and TSM. Under TSM and Euro tooling specifications, there are 4 common sizes: B, D, BB, and DB.

Our tooling specification guide can be found here: Tablet Press Tooling Specification Guide

What is the lifespan of the RTP tooling?

The lifetime of tooling is difficult thing to calculate. This is because it is dependent on a number of different factors.

The first thing to consider is the product that is being pressed. The softer the product, the less of a sandpaper effect it will have on the tooling. If the product is very coarse, however, then the likelihood of wear increases as it moves over the face of the upper and lower punches during compression.

The next thing that affects the life of the tooling is its shape. If the cup of the tooling is very deep, then the powder will have to move a lot further over its surface during compression. As a result, this causes more wear and shortens the life of the tooling.

The surface of the punch will also determine how long the tooling lasts. For coated tooling, the material used to coat the punches will influence the tooling's longevity. For uncoated tooling, the type of steel should be considered in relation to the tooling’s lifetime.

Ultimately, it is impossible to give an exact figure without running the tooling in a production environment.

A good rule of thumb is this:

The standard life of shelf tooling from LFA should make 2-5 million tablets.

Standard S7 tooling that has been customized will make around 10m tablets.

A well designed set of customized tooling that has been coated can make up to 65m tablets.

These estimates are applicable for tooling that has been cleaned properly and used correctly in the press.

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