Czyszczenie ręcznej prasy do tabletek VICE

The VICE Handheld Tablet Press comes with a full cleaning kit to allow you to easily maintain your press. Once you've pressed a tablet with your VICE press, there will be a small amount of powder build-up. This, over time, will affect the quality of the tablets that you are able to produce.

Once you've finished pressing the tablets that you require, you should fully dismantle your VICE press to clean it. The larger of the two brushes provided is designed to clean out the inside threading of the VICE press. Keeping the thread clean and clear is a necessity to the easy use of the VICE press. The large brush can also be used to clean out the inside of any of the large diameter TDP punch dies.

The smaller of the brushes is designed to clean up the upper and lower pin assemblies. If a build-up of powder occurs here, you'll be unable to change your tooling. The smaller of the two brushes is also suitable for removing any grit or powder build-up from the handle threading or the inside of smaller diameter dies.

Once all of the powder has been removed from the VICE press, you can now move on to the second stage cleaning. At this point, you should add a small amount of the food grade cleaning solution provided and work into the surface with a damp sponge. Once the surface has been completely covered with the cleaning solution, you need to remove the excess soap using a damp sponge. The VICE press should not be left damp. Use the provided cleaning cloth to remove any excess water from the press. Finally, you will need to lubricate the press. Apply a small amount of the food grade lubricant to the threads and tooling insets.

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