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Angle of Repose Calculator

The angle of repose is important in understanding how well a powder will flow through your machine. LFA has developed this Angle Of Repose Calculator to help you quickly and easily calculate any angle of repose.

Average Tablet Weight Tool

The consistency of the tablets that we produce is important as it will give the customer a good indication if their product needs granulation. Use our tool to test to the standards set out by US Pharmacopoeia.
Kalkulator mieszanki do tabletek

Kalkulator mieszanki do tabletek

Use the Tablet Mix Calculator to help formulate mixes. This enables you to enter ingredients and work out how much of each ingredient you need to make a batch.

Tablet Dwell Time Calculator

Dwell Time Calculator

The Dwell Time Calculator is designed to help you work out how long your tablet is under maximum compression. Understanding this will help you scale up from small scale R&D to batch production of your tablets.
Capsule Size Chart

Tabela wymiarów kapsułek

Want to know which capsule is right for your product or test? Use this free Capsule Size Chart to find out which capsule is right for your product or test. All part of the Tools & Resources area.

Die Table | LFA Tablet Presses

Tabela stempli

Do you want to know which tablet press tooling is right for your product or test? Use this Die Table to establish which size of tablet tooling you require.

Bulk Density Calculator

Kalkulator gęstości nasypowej

Find out how to calculate the loose bulk density of a powder. This is a key component to being able to determine a powder's suitability for use in a tablet press or capsule filler.

Weights Calculator | Convert Weights To Help Tablet Mixes

Kalkulator wagi

Weights converter. Use the weights converter to help you switch between weights and measurements. All part of the Tools & Resources area.

Tablet Flowing Issues Troubleshooting Guide

Rozwiązywanie problemów z sypkością

If you are having issues with the flow of your mix then use this flow chart to try and see what may be the problem. All part of the Tools & Resources area.

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Którą maszynę wybrać?

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