TDP 0 上部パンチダイロックナット (Upper Punch Die Locking Nut)


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The Upper Punch Die Locking Nut for the LFA TDP 0 pill press machine is the large nut used to secure the top punch die in place. This part can become threaded due to over tightening. In the event that this does happen the tread will strip out and it will no longer be able to hold the upper pin die in place. It is important that all parts of the machine are kept sufficiently tight to avoid parts colliding and causing damage. If the top punch die does fall out of place whilst the machine is on there is a high chance that it will collide with the filling boot.

Changing the TDP Upper Punch Die Locking Nut

This is obviously an east part to replace, the thing to keep in mind however is what other damage this has done whilst been loose. The filling boot may be damaged as well as the upper drift pin so keep this in mind.

Why choose LFA?

Maintaining and servicing your TDP 0 press is now a lot easier. You no longer have to have long outages on your manufacturing line due to simple problems such as not being able to secure the upper punch die pin.You instantly see the prime quality that LFA provides on all of its parts. When you receive your parts you will discover why all of LFA's parts are guaranteed. LFA has got the highest client retention rate within the industry. If you need this item fast contact us about express shipping. Other wise it will still be sent out using Royal Mail 1st Class Shipping.

All of LFA's parts are brand-new and shipped quickly to you. Also these particular parts have a 180 day warranty, there is also a 100% full money back guarantee if you're not pleased with our services. We offer free postage on all of our legitimate TDP parts. Let LFA help your company operate more effectively. These authentic TDP components are proven safe and effective by our own stringent quality control testing procedure.

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