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TDP 0 ホッパー (Hopper)

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The Hopper (or chute) for the TDP 0 Tablet Press is the funnel that holds the powder before it moves in to the boot to be pressed. While the LFA TDP 0 Tablet Press is able to be used with out the Hopper when it comes to doing production runs it is definitely best to be used.

Produced from stainless steel these can become warpped. Once the hopper is bent the smooth flow of powders or granules is interrupted and you can get separation of particles.

We only able to offer one size of hopper and do not offer extenders. This is due to the fact that the TDP 0 is gravity fed using vibrations. If the hopper is to large then over the course of the hopper particles can become separated and the tablets will be inconsistent.

Servicing and maintaining on your TDP just became a whole lot easier. With help and support from LFA Tablet Presses UK customer services and support team. If you are having problems with the powder flowing through your hopper smoothly and your hopper is not bent then this will be down to the proprieties of the powder. We would really recommend trying you tablet press with Firmapress this will tell you if the problem is your actives. If it is your actives then you will need to do a process of granulation before pressing.

You will at once discover why all of our parts are guaranteed as soon as your receive them. LFA has the highest client retention rate in the industry. The Hopper for the TDP 0 Tablet Press from LFA in no exception. Made from stainless steel it is really easy to remove from the press and clean with warm soapy water.

These genuine TDP parts are proven safe and effective by our own stringent quality control screening procedure. Our range of genuine parts are brand-new and delivered rapidly to you. In addition all these parts have a 180-day warranty, they also have a 100% money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied with our services.

We provide you with free postage on each of our genuine TDP 0 parts. Purchase LFA's premium TDP parts right now and you'll not be disappointed.

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