Bulk Density Calculator

When producing tablets, you will need to calculate the loose bulk density of the powder. As a tablet has a fixed size, you will need to know the loose bulk density of a powder to be able to determine if you need to add bulking agents or tamp the powder to be able to get your desired tablet weight.

To calculate the loose bulk density of the powder you will need a measuring jug/vessel/glassware that you know the exact size of and enough powder to fill it.

  1. Take your measuring jug and place it on the scales. Calibrate the scales so that they say zero.
  2. Fill the measuring jug to the top with powder. Make sure not to tap down or disturb the powder as you are pouring it into the jug.
  3. Record the weight of the powder in the jug.
  4. Divide the weight of the powder by the volume of the jug in mL.

Below is a video on how to calculate the loose bulk density of a powder:

Below we have built a calculator to help you do this.

Loose Bulk Density g/mL -

Loose Bulk Density mg/mL -

Below are the capsule weights you would get if you were simply to put your powder into a capsule without tamping the powder down (compacting it).

000 -

00E -

00 -

0E -

0 -

1 -

2 -

3 -

4 -

5 -

If you need to get a smaller dose than is show above then you can achieve this through using the capsule mix calculator. A link to the capsule mix calculator can be found here: https://www.lfacapsulefillers.com/capsule-mix-calculator

If you need to achieve higher weight than is shown above then you can do this in one of two ways. The first is to granulate your product to make it more dense using a roller compactor. If you do this you will then need to recalculate the new bulk density. The second method is to use a capsule filler with a tamping tool to compact the powders. LFA Capsule fillers sells two of these the ProCap and the FACF. You can simply and cheaply calculate your max tamped capsule weight by using this calculator we have developed: https://www.lfacapsulefillers.com/capsule-mix-calculator

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