Aloe Vera's Weight Loss Benefits

Aloe Vera's Weight Loss Benefits

Recent research on the effects of Aloe vera on weight, body fat mass and fasting blood glucose indicates that there may be a connection between the plant and weight loss. There are several theories on how Aloe vera can help people lose weight:

1. It detoxifies the colon

Aloe latex, the yellow, gel-like substance under the skin of the aloe plant, is a natural laxative with detoxifying properties. As such, it speeds up digestion, reducing the time that food spends in the colon. The body is said to have less time to absorb energy from food, and so it is claimed that there is less available to convert to fat.

2. It increases metabolism

Regular intake of aloe gel supposedly helps to increase metabolic activity, which is the burning of stored energy. When the body needs more energy than it's getting from food, it burns body fat and carbohydrates, resulting in weight loss.

3. It reduces blood sugar levels

Aloe vera is thought to help stabilize blood sugar levels, which could in turn reduce cravings for starches and sweets, helping consumers to avoid high-calorie foods. It has also been claimed to create a feeling of fullness, which could help users to eat less.

Aloe vera can be manufactured in to aloe gel, juice, tablets, or capsule supplements. Homemade aloe juice should be taken in moderation because it contains anthraquinone aloin, a potentially carcinogenic substance found in aloe sap that may be dangerous in large doses. Manufactured products are considered safer because factories can filter the anthraquinone from the final supplement.

For best results, users should take Aloe vera on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. This is thought to be the best way to detoxify and cleanse your digestive system, rejuvenate your body and pump up your energy levels. Early-morning intake might also extend the fat-burning effect throughout the day.

Aloe vera is a popular product and you should consider having it is as part of your range.


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