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Tooling Case - TDP
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The TDP Tooling Case is perfect for your GMP and ISO procedures. The TDP Tooling Case is made to fit any size of TDP Universal Tooling. The top and bottom punches rest safely inside the die cavity and are held down on each side of the case to limit any movement during shipping.

To remove your tooling from the case, simply grab a hold of the center die and wiggle to release the pincers from the punches. Take care not to pull too hard, or you may lose control of your tooling and drop it.

The TDP Tooling Case provides an airtight seal to protect tooling from outside contaminants. The tooling case comes in 3 different colors:

  • Clear for standard storage and to easily identify which tooling is in the case.
  • White for moving your tooling in and out of the clean room.
  • Red for your dirty tooling as it comes out of the machine for cleaning.

When storing your TDP tooling in its case, be sure to add some mineral oil to the tooling to give it even more protection from the elements. Along with the airtight seal and mineral oil, your tooling will now be easier to transport, protect and identify.

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