Lower Pre-Pressure Roller Cam - RTP 10i

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The Pre-Presser Lower Cam for the RTP 10i is the very first rollers in rotary tablet press. These rollers apply a small amount of force on the upper and lower punches. This gives the initial compression force. The aim of this process is to remove air that could be in the die or powder particles.

Any air within the die cavity or powder particles will result in low quality tables. This process is necessary for the reason that, any powder in the machine’s hopper may have air between its particles.

The pre-presser lower cam for the RTP 10i is designed to be a wear part to protect the investment you have made in your tooling. It will over time get worn down. Signs of this will include, inconsistent tablet weights and the inability to achieve smaller doses. You might also be able to see the ware on the cam it's self.

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