Fill Cam - RTP 41

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The RTP 41 Fill Cams control the fill of your tooling in your RTP 41 Rotary Tablet Press. CNC machined from brass they are manufactured to extremely high tolerances to ensure that they do not damage your tooling.

Over time the fill cams in a rotary tablet press will wear. As this happens it may become harder and harder to get a consistent fill. If this is happening then you may need to change your fill cams.

Before you order new fill cams for your rotary tablet press we suggest that you inspect your old ones. If they are ready to be replaced there will be obvious signs of wear. Scrapes, scratches or discolouration in the surface can all be signs of your cams being out of tolerance.

If you have inspected your fill cams and you are not sure if it is time to replace them then please get in contact with our team by clicking here and we will help you to check

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