Fill Tray - RTP 118

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The RTP 118 Rotary Tablet Press Fill Tray from LFA Machines made from brass is designed to ware down over time, protecting the turret and tooling on your machine. The Fill Tray on the RTP 118 is a ware part that will need to be changed from time to time

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The RTP 118 Rotary Tablet Press Fill Tray is a genuine LFA Machines spare part and does not fit any other LFA Machines or competitor model machine.

Made from brass, the RTP 118 Fill Tray is used to gather powder from the hopper and evenly distribute powder into the die cavities as the turret rotates below the fill tray

The Fill Tray for the RTP 118 Rotary Tablet press is as easy to install as it is to remove.

If you are experiencing a high amount of powder loss while running the RTP 118, a worn down, or damaged Fill Tray could be the cause. If the fill tray is not worn or damaged and you are still experiencing powder loss, other reasons may be the use of extremely fine powders, or the height of your hopper is set too high from the die table


If you are unsure if your fill tray needs replacing there are several ways to check:

  1. Remove the fill tray from your RTP 118 Rotary Tablet Press. Inspect the bottom of the tray for noticeable ware and/or damage
  2. When inspecting the bottom of the Fill Tray, make sure that it is completely flat. You can do this by taking a straight edge and running it along the fill tray, feeling for gaps.
  3. When inspecting the Fill Tray, make sure that the bridges have at least 2mm of clearance.

If you find that there is damage or that the bridges are too low and not letting enough powder through, then it is time to change your fill tray. If you are still not sure then contact our sales team by clicking here, send us a photo and we will be happy to give you a second opinion.

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