Sorbitol DC

Sorbitol is a sugar that is often used within diabetic food and is absorbed by our small intestine at a slow rate. Approved by the FDA for diabetics and others with sugar intolerance. 

Found naturally in apricots, dates, peaches and plums and other fruits.

Because it's not as effective in increasing blood glucose compared to sucrose it’s used more as sweetener.

It’s used to add sweetness and preserve moisture.

Sorbitol isn’t fully digested by the small intestine and passes through to the large intestine where the metabolism yields fewer calories and does not contribute to tooth decay and therefore is known to have oral benefits as well.

LFA’s Sorbitol has been formulated and granulated in a way to make it directly compressible, meaning it can form a tablet without any other excipient. So perfect for anyone looking to make high-quality chewable mints, gum and sublingual tablets.

Containing a glycemic index of 4, compared to 65 of regular sugars is considered very low making it great for diabetic diets and products that are sold in health-conscious markets.

It will form strong, hard tablets without the need for extra flowing agents and binders. 

While the sweetness profile of our sorbitol is very short and low, feedback from customers has indicated that our sorbitol dissolves in the mouth in a smooth consistent manner resulting in a creamy feel to the product

All you have to do is add your flavouring, active or colour and sorbitol DC grade will act as a binder and flowing agent.

It’s important to note you may need an anti-caking or dry lubricant depending on your active but feel free to reach out to our team and we will assist you with your formulation questions.

LFA’s sorbitol is specially designed for tableting purposes and therefore normal sorbitol can’t be used.


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