Benefits of Enteric Coated Capsules






  • 肠溶胶囊不在口腔中融化,非常适合不需要酸性环境而激活的药品配方。胶囊外壳防止胶囊在口腔和食管区域溶解。
  • 许多药品如果在胃部溶解,将刺激胃黏膜。这些药品如果用肠溶胶囊外壳包裹,将可以直接通过胃部进入小肠后再溶解,避免刺激胃黏膜。
  • 肠溶胶囊还能防止药品里面的酶在胃部酸性环境中溶解。
  • 这种肠溶胶囊通常需要一两个小时才能溶解,非常适合注重时效性的药物治疗。



Gelatin capsules

How Gelatin Capsules Are Made

As our world becomes more connected and information is shared quite easily in the internet today, people are more curious about where their food comes from. One question that begs to be answered is where gelatin capsules are made of and this is an interesting especially for individuals who pay attention to what they eat. Gelatin capsules are made of natural ingredients and below are some interesting things on how the capsules are manufactured.

An Overview of Vegetarian Capsules

An Overview of Vegetarian Capsules

The advancement in science and technology makes it easier for one to make their own supplements. Vegetarian capsules are healthier as these are derived from natural ingredients such as cellulose, hydroxyl and methyl. If you are looking for a healthy and natural alternative to traditional capsules, then vegetarian capsules can be an excellent choice for you.

The Right Capsules Are Important

The Right Capsules Are Important

The rules have changed when it comes to development of products in the pharmaceutical, health and nutritional industry. As generic and branded companies in the industry struggle with new products while at the same time addressing the need of new patients, the companies must also meet the growing productivity demands in the manufacturing industry.


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