How to Remove The Boot & Timing Bar on a TDP 5

TDP 5 Remove Boot & Timing Bar

Welcome to LFA’s TDP 5 Repair guide.

Today we’re going to be looking at removing the timing bar & boot, for this you will need a set of allen keys.

The timing bar is a key part of the operation of the TDP 5, the timing bar moves the boot over and filling the die bore with your tablet mix occasionally a timing bar will be bent and it’s critical that this is replaced.

The boot is filled with your tablet mix and performs a back and forth motion filling the die bore, due to its constant movement the boot will wear naturally or could be damaged from hitting the die itself.

First take the hopper and place it to one side. Next remove the 2 set screws either side of the ejection tray, now place the ejection tray to one side.

Remove the first set screw on the timing bar followed by the second set screw.

Now the timing bar will be free, be careful with the cam wheel at the top of the timing bar as this will now be loose.

Now remove the set screw on the side of the boot. Finally remove the boot bolt and spring by hand or with grippers if needed., this will fully release the boot.

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