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Common Tablet Defects That Can Be Avoided Easily

Tablet defects occur for a variety of reasons, but many can easily be avoided. To address defects, technicians involved in tabletting must have a full understanding of both the tabletting process and the materials used. Adequate training in the setting up and use of the machines is vital if the technician is to have the necessary skills to be able to fix equipment and minimize problems in production.

Common Tablet Problems And Solutions

Common Tablet Problems And Solutions

There are varieties of problems that face the pharmaceutical world, some of which we will be discussing as well as solutions that would help solve these problems.

  • Overwetting of the tablets/Surface pitting. This is where suspension droplets hit the still wet tablet and the drying air does not dry it enough.
  • Physical damages overloading or unloading operation.
  • Poor tablet design – flat surfaces.
  • Spray Drying. The suspension droplets hit the tablet after the moisture has been removed. This leads to the poor adherence of the coat
Compression Tooling Equipment

Compression Tooling Equipment

Changing the tablet manufacturing process can lead to better and more improved quality products as well as cost efficiency for the company. By communicating with one’s tooling vendor and taking into consideration the right material type, one can overcome the many problems that tablet companies are facing today.

Contaminants Caused By Humans And Methods Of Control

Contaminants Caused By Humans And Methods Of Control

One of the major problems with sterile manufacturing is the possibility of contamination. The cleanroom area is one of the hardest places to maintain sterile or clean and is the major source of contamination.

Dial with segments from green to red symbol of risk control or limit

Cool Chain Drugs | What are Cool Chain Drugs?

In the pharmaceutical world, there are certain medicine products that needs certain specific temperature in order to maintain its efficiency, structure and safety.

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CoQ10 - Why It Should Be Part Of Your Range

Coenzyme Q10, often called CoQ10, is a compound that occurs naturally in the human body. All the cells of the body produce this enzyme, which helps to produce energy for normal cell maintenance and growth.

What is the difference between the TDP 1.5, TDP 5 and the TDP 6s?

Czym różnią się tabletkarki pulpitowe TDP 1.5, TDP 5 i TDP 6s?

To często zadawane pytanie dotyczące naszych tabletkarek pulpitowych. Do jednostanowiskowych tabletkarek zaliczmy TDP 1.5, TDP 5 i TDP 6s. Wszystkie trzy są bardzo podobne, a różnią się przede wszystkim siłą nacisku wytwarzaną podczas procesu robienia taletek.

Different Lubricants Approved For Pharmaceutical Machine Use

Different Lubricants Approved For Pharmaceutical Machine Use

The use of lubricants during manufacturing is crucial as it minimizes the friction between the different parts of the machine. Reducing friction is important as it can cause heating between parts. Adding lubricants also help reduce the tendency of parts to rust and decrease load in the machine.

Different Preservatives And Concentration Dosage For Pharmaceutical Liquid Preparation

Different Preservatives And Concentration Dosage For Pharmaceutical Liquid Preparation

With a bigger move towards clean label LFA is seeing less and less use of chemicals in its customers products. Sometimes though it is impossible not to have to use a preservative when undertaking wet granulation.

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Different Temperature Sensors - Thermocouples, Thermistors, RTDs

Pharmaceutical companies make use of different temperature sensors due to their accuracy. Currently three sensors are widely used in the industry. Below is a brief on the three sensors.

Different Tooling Equipment For Oral Solid Dosage Tablets

Different Tooling Equipment For Oral Solid Dosage Tablets

Solid dosage forms are forms or shapes where drug mixtures are placed, example of which include tablets and capsules. These solid dosage forms are administered orally.

Tablets are defined as Solid Pharmaceutical Dosage forms that contain drug substances. They may contain suitable diluents or are prepared through moulding or compression.

Different Types Of Contamination, Causes And Prevention For Pharmaceutical Industry

Different Types Of Contamination, Causes And Prevention For Pharmaceutical Industry

The presence of unwanted materials such as dust and particles during the manufacturing and transportation time is called contamination. The term contaminants includes any unwanted matter that is found in the product. These contaminants affect the quality of the product or the process.

Different Types Of Parenteral Preparations

Different Types Of Parenteral Preparations

Parenteral preparations are sterile pharmaceutical products administered to the human body by injection. Only liquids can be injected which means that the pharmaceutical parenteral preparation must either be a liquid which can itself be injected safely, or it may be a material that can be diluted with sterile water (commonly referred to as ‘water for injection’) or other sterile solvent before it is administered. Liquids other than water must not interfere with the stability and efficacy of the preparation. Some substances may be added to increase the stability and efficacy of the preparation, but it is important that such additives do not cause adverse effects or toxicity. Coloring agents are not permitted in parenteral preparations.

Different Ways to Administer Drugs

Although LFA Tablet Presses specializes in Pill Presses and Tableting Equipment we understand that this is not always the best method of delivery. In this article we look into the other options available to you as a business with which to package and deliver your product.

A wire mesh on a granulator

Different Wire Mesh Sizes And Its Conversions

In the pharmaceutical industry, sieves and screens are commonly used in determining the size of the raw materials. The most common way to measure the sieves and screens is by meshes. On the average, about 40 to 400 sieves are used in the industry especially during the milling and sifting of the raw materials.

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Easiest Way To Give Medicine To Your Pets

Pet owners can relate when it comes to the problem of giving medicine to one’s pet which can be a tough battle. As most capsules or pills have synthetic smell to it the tendency of the pet would be to refuse to swallow it. Some pets can be stubborn even running away once they see you coming.

steam coming out of a steam device

Evaporating Pan or Steam Jacketed Kettle

The steam jacketed kettle or evaporating pan is an example of natural circulation evaporators. It is made up of a hemispherical shape with large surface area for the evaporation. The pan can be permanent and emptying is done through the outlet. The pan is mounted in a way that they can be tilted to take out the product. The pans are heated by the steam that comes out of the steam jacket.

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