Het deblokkeren van de TDP 5

De-jamming your TDP 5

Welcome to LFA’s guide to de-jamming your TDP 5.

There are many reasons a tablet press can jam from too much pressure, a loose belt or a bad tablet mix to mention a few. Today we’re going to look at de-jamming your TDP 5.

If you find your tablet press has jammed, immediately turn it off by the button on the front of your TDP 5 and then switch it off by the plug socket.

We’re first going to remove your timing bar and boot, remove the first set screw from the timing bar using an Allen key. This is not always necessary however it does make this process easier.

Now remove the 2nd bolt securing the timing bar using a spanner and Allen key.

The timing bar will now be free.

Next we’ll remove the boot, removing the boot will stop the tablet being pushed into it when we reverse the cycle. 

Take an Allen key and remove the set screw on the side of the boot.

Now remove the boot bolt and spring by hand or with grippers if needed.

The boot can now be taken out, when removing the boot be wary of the loose powder still within the boot.

Next see if your can reverse the cycle by hand by turning the flywheel, if you’re unable to turn it then we use our de-jamming bar to reverse the cycle.

Take your de-jamming bar which came with your TDP 5 and place it into one of the holes in the drive wheel. 

Next turn the drive wheel anti clockwise using the de-jamming bar, this will reverse the cycle of the tablet press.

Once you’ve de-jammed the press you’ll be able to easily move the flywheel to fully eject the tablet from the die bore.

Before turning on your machine again always produce tablets by hand using the flywheel, this will ensure your machines motor isn’t damaged.

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