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Tableting Specification Manual

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Here at LFA Machines, we strive to help our customers and boost their knowledge in the field of tableting. The Tableting Specification Manual or T.S.M. is a very comprehensive guide to U.S. manufacturing specifications for tablets and tablet tooling. Anyone that is in the field of tableting will greatly appreciate the depth that this manual goes into about U.S. and international tableting and tablet tooling manufacturing standards.

If you are just starting or have many years of experience, the Tableting Specification Manual will bring a great insight to the world of tableting and tablet tooling. This 130 page manual will cover such topics as the barrel diameter differences between B size and D size tooling, a comprehensive lift of new press models and discussion of tablet tooling coatings and different metals used.

What's in the Tableting Specification Manual?

The Tableting Specification Manual covers the following topics:

  • Discussion of automated high-throughput presses
  • Recommendation of a barrel-to-neck chamfer for all upper and lower punches
  • Tooling options: rotating punch heads, multiple tip tooling, dust cups
  • Discussion of tooling coatings and treatments
  • Expanded definitions of industry terminology
  • Tablet tooling specifications and tooling design options

The manual comes as a physical copy which we will mail directly to you. If you have any questions about the Tableting Specification Manual, please contact our sales team.

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