TDP 5 ドライブフライホイールシャフトボルト (Drive Flywheel Shaft Bolt)


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The Drive Flywheel Mounting Bolt from LFA Tablet Presses is the bolt that attaches the Drive Flywheel to the TDP5 Base. This part has a grease nipple attached to it so that the bolt can remain lubricated once in place. The Drive Wheel freely spins on this bolt. The bolt is held in plece in the inside of the TDP 5 Base by a large nut.

This part has a grease nipple on it and it is very important to make sure that it is regularly greased. Not greasing it can cause it to heat up expand in its fitting and then jam. This puts extra strain on the motor and can cause it to burn out.

This part is fairly easy to fit. Firstly loosen of the motor by loosing the bolts on the motor support arm. Next remove the back cover to gain access to the nut that secures it. Undo the nut from the inside and the Drive Wheel will come lose. Once you have lifted the Drive Wheel off the Drive Wheel Mounting Bolt will be able to be removed from the centre.

When replacing this part please make sure that you fit Drive Wheel Mounting Washers.

If you think you are having problems with this section of your machine we highly recommend that you take this section apart. Throughly grease it and then put it back to test it. If this has not worked then please get in contact and we will get the parts dispatched to you.

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