Electrical Box and Connecting Cables - TDP 5 v2 / TDP 6s v2

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  • Genuine TDP5 Part
  • 180 Day Warranty
  • Installation Videos Available
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The Electrical Box and Connecting Cables on the TDP 5 is the box on the left hand side that the start / stop buttons on. This pack comes with the cables that run to the TDP 5 motor and to the power socket. It does not come with the socket or the motor for the TDP 5 Tablet Press. If you need the motor and the socket as well please feel free to order them all in one go or get in contact with us for an invoice.

This part should only be fitted by an electrician or a someone with experience with electrics. If you are not sure about how to fit this part then LFA offers a servicing and repairs service from our premises. 

Before replacing this part make sure that it is the cause of the fault. We recommend first checking the fuse in the plug. If this is still working check to see if the motor is burnt out. This can be done using a phase tester by a qualified electrician.

If you are replacing this part it is very simple to remove the old one. Simply mounted using 4 philips head screws these have to be removed and then it can be replaced. The Cables need to be chased through the back of the press and out through the dust cover. 

Servicing and maintaining your TDP is now a whole lot simpler. If you do not feel comfortable with replacing electrics get in contact with our UK based customer service and support team to talk to them about us doing the work for you. As soon as you receive your parts you will discover why all of LFA's parts are guaranteed. LFA has got the highest client retention rate within the industry. The Electrical Box and Connecting Cables is no exception.

Imagine not having to have so much outages on your manufacturing line due to not even being able to turn the press on. You instantly see the excellent quality of the Electrical Box and Connecting Cables for the TDP 5 Tablet Press from LFA. Made from hardened plastic it is durable and easy to clean.

Never fear extensive reductions in output again. With quick delivery to almost anywhere in the world LFA give you the reassurance that you will be back on your feet soon. Let LFA help your company operate more efficiently.

These authentic TDP components are proven effective and safe by our thorough quality control screening process. All of LFA's parts are brand new and shipped quickly to you. In addition these particular parts have a 180 day warranty, they even have a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service. We offer free delivery on each of our genuine TDP parts.

Order these top quality TDP parts now and you will not be disappointed.

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