Lower Drift Pin Assembly Cogs (2) - TDP 5 v2 / TDP 6s v2 / TDP 0 v2

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The Cogs on the Lower drift pin assembly on the TDP 5 are used to adjust the ejection hight and the fill depth of your tablet. Some times these can become seized to the lower drift pin assembly and then need to be cut or forced off causing threading. In this case both the lower drift pin assembly and the cosponsoring cogs will need to be changed.

To do this the lower drift pin assembly needs to be ether chopped out using an angle grinder or wound down through the hole in the base of the TDP5.

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Imagine not having too much downtime on your manufacturing line. You will instantly see the quality however we do recommend that you keep your lower drift pin assembly greased to avoid it getting seized up in the future.

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LFA's legitimate TDP components are proven safe and effective by our stringent quality control screening process. All of our parts are new and delivered rapidly to you. Furthermore , LFA's parts include a 180 day warranty, they also have a 100% cash back guarantee if you're not satisfied with our service. We offer free postage on our legitimate TDP5 parts.
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