RTP 41 Rotary Tablet Press

RTP 41 Rotary Tablet Press

Introducing the RTP 41, the rotary tablet press, with 41 stations from LFA.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in safety, speed and feature set, the RTP 41 is an excellent choice for your business.

The RPT 41’s 4 KW motor produces up to 80KN of direct compression forces allowing it to produce up high quality tablets.

With a top output of 180,000 tablets per hour this press is a true mass production machine.

The RTP 41 is GMP compliant with its stainless steel construction, making it suitable for both food and pharmaceutical products.

Safety is a priority with its four sided perspex shield to completely enclose the turret. Keeping the operator safe and any preventing cross contamination.

This shield can also be lifted on all 4 sides for easy access and cleaning.

The RTP 41 has 2 pressing stations. This allows the press to be setup to produce double layered tablets.

The RTP 41 is able to be supplied with a keyed turret, allowing the producer to make shaped tablets or ensure logos, lettering or numbering are printed consistently.

It is also possible for the RTP 41 to be supplied with a EURO B or EURO D tooling, turret.

There’s a control panel where you’re are easily able to set the machines running speed as well as dials on the front of the machine where you can change the tablet size and the fill depth.

The RPT 41’s lubrication set up is simple and easy to use, saving your business time and effort. 

The RPT 41 comes with a powder suction unit to keep the die heads clear and the press running smoothly.

The RPT 41 is outstanding when it comes to safety, speed and quality.

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