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Fructose, DC

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LFA’s Fructose (DC - Directly Compressible) is specifically designed to assist tableters in making high quality chewable, mints, gums or sublingual tablets.

This product was specifically developed to help our customers that are looking to create confectionery products similar to Sweet Tarts, breath mints (Polos/Life Savers), Pez or Tic Tacs.

Simply add your flavoring, active ingredient and coloring and the Fructose DC grade will act as the binder and flowing agent. It is important to note that depending on the active ingredient you might be required to add an anti-caking agent to the mix. If you have formulation questions then please do reach out to our team.

LFA’s Fructose DC is considered one of the sweeter sugars that LFA offers in a DC grade. It is ideal for customers that are looking to mask bitter or unpleasant tastes.

Unlike normal fructose that can not be used for tableting. The DC grade of Fructose from LFA will not only flow extremely well through your tablet press, but into small die cavities as well. This allows you to run your tablet press at higher speeds saving you time and money.

Feedback from our customers indicates that LFA’s Fructose dissolves in the mouth in a smooth consistent manner. This can give the end user longer consumption times as well as enjoyment from the product. If you need the product to quickly disintegrate then this can be achieved by combining this tabletable fructose with super disintegrate.

LFA’s tabletable DC grade Fructose is sourced from all natural sources. We are able to offer a fully Organic certified version on request. For more information please contact our team.

If you need larger quantities of LFA’s Fructose DC then please get in contact with our team for bulk pricing.

Calories per Gram 4
Sweeness Index (Compared to Sucrose, which is 1 on the scale) 1.7
Glycemic Index 23
Description Free-flowing White Powder
Mean Particle Size 340 micron
Bulk Density 0.56 g/cc
Moisture 0.80%
Tapped Bulk Density 0.65 g/cc
Carr's Index 17.6
Hausner Ratio 1.27
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