Eccentric Sheave Connecting Pin - TDP 6s v2

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The Eccentric Sheave Connecting Pin links between the Eccentric Sheave Strap and the Upper Threaded Cam in the TDP 6s v2. This component is responsible for regulating the timing of the upper drift pin assembly, and is designed with a key feature to ensure the TDP 6s pill press operates accurately over time.

Replacing the Eccentric Sheave connecting pin is generally straightforward. However, if you encounter any difficulties, we advise getting in touch with our support team.

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The superior quality of LFA Tablet Presses Eccentric Sheave Connecting Pin for the TDP 6s is immediately apparent, eliminating concerns about delays in production. LFA's swift global delivery ensures your operations continue smoothly, allowing you to concentrate on business growth without worrying about frequent downtime.

We offer a selection of authentic, newly manufactured parts that are quickly dispatched to your location. Allow LFA to streamline your operations. Our genuine TDP 6s pill press parts undergo rigorous quality checks to guarantee their safety and efficiency.

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