Rotary Tooling Case

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  • Made to Hold Euro/TSM B, Euro/TSM D and RTP Tooling Sizes
  • Holds 10 sets of dies and punches
  • Lids are molded to allow for cases to stack for easier storage
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LFA Rotary Tablet Press Tooling Case

The Rotary Tablet Press Tooling Cases from LFA Machines are the perfect storage solution for your punches and dies. These cases have been designed to be stacked to take up less space and offer protection to your punches and dies when not being used. The cases are able to hold up to 10 sets of punches which makes transporting the cases much easier and lighter than other tooling cases on the market. LFA Machines has three different cases for RTP Tooling, Euro/TSM B Tooling, and Euro/TSM D tooling.

Storing your tooling in a safe environment is the most advantageous way to ensure a long life to your punches and dies. Built from durable food-safe material, large walls, and a sturdy lid, you can rest easy knowing your tooling is being protected at every angle.

LFA Machines rotary tooling cases have a built-in rubber seal to keep out moving air as well as any debris or powder fines that may be in the same room. The inserts inside of the case are easily removed to be able to change your tooling size insert.

Storing your tooling has never been easier. Apply a small amount of food-grade mineral oil to each punch and die and then gently place it inside its designated spot inside the case. The lid fits on easy and you will feel the rubber seal engaging to seal the box.


  • Different size cases supporting RTP, Euro/TSM B, and Euro/TSM D Tooling sets
  • Molded keyways and guides to prevent tooling damage
  • Made from Food Safe Materials
  • Easy removal of punches and dies with support to the punch heads
  • Lids are molded to allow for cases to stack for easier storage
  • Easy to remove the insert for cleaning and size swapping

Technical Specifications

Tooling Specification RTP Euro/TSM B Euro/TSM D
Number of Punch Slots 20 20 20
Number of Die Slots 10 10 10
Weight (Empty) 2lbs / 0.9kg
Weight (Full) 15lbs / 6.8kg 17lbs / 7.7kg 27lbs / 12.2kg
Dimensions 12.5in x 8.5in x 6.1in / 317.5mm x 215.9mm x 154.9mm
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