Cam Drive Cog Safety Cover - TDP 5 v2

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  • Genuine TDP5 Part
  • 180 Day Warranty
  • Installation Videos Available
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The Cam Drive Cog Safety Cover is the plastic guard that is mounted on the left hand side of the press. This guarding protests the operator from coming in to contact with the fast moving cog on the left hand side. It allso protects the opperator and the finished product from any grease that might fly off the cog while it is turning.

While this part is not necessary for the operation of the TDP 5 press it is highly recommended. This part is very easy to fit or replace. Simply attached by two philips head screws.

Maintenance and servicing your TDP just got a whole lot easier. We can send this part right to you to be fitted in seconds. As soon as you receive your parts you will discover why all of LFA's parts are guaranteed. The guarding is no exception. Formed from a durable plastic this part is very robust.

Imagine not having to have as much outages on your production line due to grease getting in to the product. Even worse an operator accident. Never fear extensive breaks in output again. With express delivery to almost anywhere in the world LFA give you the reassurance that you will be back on your feet soon.

Let LFA help your business run more smoothly. LFA's genuine TDP components are proven effective and safe by our own thorough quality control screening procedure.

All of our parts are brand new and delivered quickly to you. Not only do all of LFA's parts come with a 180 day warranty, they even have a 100% money backrefund if you aren't pleased with our services.

We provide free delivery on every one of our genuine TDP 5 parts. Order these top quality TDP5 parts now and you'll not be disappointed.

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