Odlučovač prachu

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To je průmyslové prášek vakuum. To lze použít ve spojení s celou řadou tabletu tisku, jakož i některých tobolek plniva. Existuje také na výběr ze dvou zátok, aby stroje s dvěma vývody prachu může použít jednu jednotku

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Tato položka je ideální pro použití s naší Tablet De prachovky.

Naše vakuové jednotky jsou vybaveny 1 rok díly záruka a život čas technickou podporu. Budeme rádi, že se školení tohoto produktu v LFA v Bicester nebo v prostorách za poplatek.

Jsme také schopni nabídnout servisní smlouvu na tuto položku pro více informací si prosím v kontaktu.

Ceny jsou v aplikaci k dispozici.

Main benefits at a glance:

  • High quality stainless steel and aluminium alloy construction resists corrosion
  • High capacity
  • Strong suction
  • Avoids powder contamination
  • Twin dust inlets to serve two machines if required
  • Compatible with wide range of tablet presses and capsule fillers
  • GMP compatible design
  • Reliable
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Low noise


The Tablet Dust Vacuum features a powerful and rugged motor combined with a corrosion resistant body, allowing it to cope with large volumes of powder even if the ingredients are prone to react with moisture or metals. It has been designed especially for use in tablet production, and has a twin dust inlet that allows it to serve two tablet presses at once. It also avoids contaminating the powder it collects, so that it need not be wasted.

With a GMP compliant design and easy operation, this Tablet Dust Vacuum offers strong suction and consistent reliability to keep your tablet production line running without a hitch.

Tablet Dust Vacuum in Use

Despite its sturdy construction the wheels make this Tablet Dust Vacuum easy to manoeuvre, while good access makes it simple to empty and clean. The suction is strong enough to cope with almost any demand, and the noise level is quieter than you might expect from a powerful motor. It is not a small machine, but the size is reflected in its substantial dust collecting capacity.

This unit integrates easily with our Table Dedusting Machine for a complete powder management set up. 

Our View

An effective mechanism for controlling tabletting dust is essential for any production line that produces substantial volumes of tablets. This Tablet Dust Vacuum fulfils the role admirably, keeping extraneous dust to a minimum and ensuring a safe and pleasant environment. Its anti-corrosion properties make it suitable for most applications, and simple integration with our Deduster is another bonus. Powder vacuums may not be exciting, but they are important, and this robust unit will not let you down.

SpecifikaceOdlučovač prachu
Rozměry (L*W*H) 914.4mm x 508mm x 1270mm
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