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The LSM Laboratory Bin Mixer is perfect for R&D and small batch production. Available in two different sized bins of 50 and 100L. It is designed to be able to replicate the exact mixing probities of a production sized bin mixer but on a scale that can be used to conduct R&D.

Ideal, for small business, R&D departments and universities, the LSM has a floor plan from as little as 950mm x 1280mm.

Read our article about dry mixing validation.

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Available in 120 or 240v it is able to be run from most standard plug sockets.

With detachable bins, the operator is able to keep the powder contained as it moves from process to process. This dramatically reduces the need for protective environments as well the chance of cross-contamination.

The mixer comes fitted with a protective bar to stop the operator coming into contact with the bin and this can be supplemented with a cage. Please get in contact for more details.

The LSM mixing bins are available in a number of finishes including 304 and 316 stainless steel.

Main benefits of the LSM Mixer Range

  • Small floor plan to save space and money.
  • 100L and 50L mixing bin size available and interchangeable.
  • Available in a range of finishes to suit the application. Including 304 and 316 stainless steel.
  • Integrated Siemens control panel with open source software allowing the users to adapt to there needs.
  • A range of built in safety features to make it CE and health and safety compliant.
  • GMP compliant.
  • The ability to be made Part 11 FAC 21 complaint. Please get in contact for more details.
  • Adjustable mixing speed to maximise mixing times while avoiding damage to raw materials.
  • 3 year parts warranty as standard with an option to extend.
  • Some sizes available in stock and short lead times on custom models.
  • Local support and training in your language.

LSM Mixer Range Specifications

SpecificationLSM 50LSM 100
Capacity (Litres) 50 100
Capacity (KG / LBS) 25kg / 55lbs 50kg / 110lbs
Rotations/Minute 3-15 3-15
Power (KW) 0.37 0.75
Weight (T) 0.4 0.6

LSM Mixer Dimensions

Dimensions (mm)LSM 50LSM 100
A 650 700
B 950 1100
DN 100 150
L1 800 1000
L2 1280 1450
H 400 500
H (1) 1300 1300
H (2) 1210 1450
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