Eccentric Sheave - TDP 5 v2

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  • Genuine TDP5 Part
  • 180 Day Warranty
  • Installation Videos Available
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The Eccentric Sheave also know as the Pressure Adjustment Cam for the TDP 5 is the section that controls the timing of the upper drift pin assembly. This part is Keyed to ensure that it remains in time.

One of the biggest problems with the Eccentric Sheave is timing. On the LFA TDP 5 Tablet Press we have a keying system ensuring that this does not happen. Our Eccentric Sheave is not able to fit all TDP 5 presses in the market. Please make sure that your cam is keyed before ordering if you did not get your press from LFA Tablet Presses. Some other presses have little threaded screws to keep the timing in place. If this is the case with your press we recommend that you change the entire top cam as it is very hard to get these screws tight enough to with stand the forces that are required.

If you do need to change your Eccentric Sheave we recommend that you contact us first. This part is very much right in the centre of the TDP 5 press, which makes it extremely difficult to replace. This is a service that LFA Is able to offer here in the UK. 

Maintenance and servicing on your TDP just became a whole lot easier with the help of the skilled team at LFA. As soon as you receive your parts you will discover why all of LFA's parts are guaranteed. LFA has the highest customer retention rate within the industry.

Imagine not having to have as much outages on your manufacturing line.

You instantly see the high quality of LFA Tablet Presses Eccentric Sheave for the TDP5. Never fear prolonged pauses in output again. With express delivery to almost anywhere in the world LFA give you the peace of mind to focus on improving your business.

Let LFA help your company operate more smoothly. LFA's authentic TDP components are proven safe and effective by our own stringent quality control testing procedure.

Our range of genuine parts are new and delivered rapidly to you. In addition these parts include a 180 day warranty, they additionally have a 100% cash back guarantee if you aren't satisfied with our service. We provide you with free postage on every one of our legitimate TDP5 parts.

Order these premium TDP parts right away and you'll not be disappointed.

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