Other Ways To Pay

How else can I make payment?

If you are unable to pay using a debit or credit card, you can pay in a range of ways including:

  • Bank/Wire Transfer - You can send us a bank or wire transfer directly from your account to ours. Please request an invoice from our sales team using the contact for below.
  • Transferwise - If you know the final amount for your product we recommend making payment using Transferwise. Once set up it is a quick and easy way to make payment. Transferwise works as a 3rd party transfer solution and accepts most major credit and debit cards. We recommend you request an invoice to pay in this way.
  • Check/Cheque - If you would like to pay by check/cheque then request an invoice and state you would like to pay by check/cheque. Once the check/cheque has fully cleared in to our account we will be able to dispatch the machine.

How can I request an invoice?

Simply email your local LFA office using the contact form below and state the products that you would like to purchase. Our sales team will then send you an invoice for you to make payment with.

Why has my card payment failed?

Sorry that you are having issues paying. This can be for a range of reasons including:

Your bank declined the payment

Your bank may have flagged the payment and rejected. In this case we advise you call your bard issuer and explain

You are using the wrong address

We only accept delivery to the cards registered address. This is to prevent fraudulent transactions. If you need to pay using a credit or debit card we recommend using transferwise.

We don’t accept your card type

We accept most major card but we don’t accept all. If we don’t accept your particular card type we recommend firstly trying Transferwise. If Transferwise don’t accept your card type we recommend paying via bank/wire transfer or check/cheque.

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