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VICE Hand Held Tablet Press Full Intro

VICE Hand Held Tablet Press Full Intro

Welcome to the introductory video for the VICE Handheld Tablet Press.

The VICE Handheld Tablet Press is the first of its kind.

It allows the operator to produce high-quality tablets to the same standard as you would find in the food or pharmaceutical industry without the large investment often required to undertake this task.

All VICE Presses come with 6, 8, and 10 millimeter die sets as standard,

but you are not just limited to round tablets as the VICE enables the user to produce a wide range of tablets with great ease, including irregular shapes.

Using a common type of open-source tooling, you aren't tied down to using our tooling alone.

There is an infinite amount of shapes and sizes that are integratable with the VICE, including custom tooling.

The VICE Press works very simply by compressing powder to upwards of 20 kilonewtons of pressure through carefully calculated and precision-engineered threads.

Easy to maintain and clean, the VICE is supplied with a specifically designed cleaning kit, including brushes, lubricants, and cleaning materials.


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