Gelatin capsules, different colours

​What Are Flavored Gelatin Capsules

Did you know you can now purchase flavoured gelatin capsules? These recent innovations can help certain groups of people more easily take their medications. They are also particularly beneficial for veterinary medicines. We hope the information below will help you assess whether flavoured capsules may fit your product line better than conventional varieties.

Healthier and Stress Free Pets

Chicken, pork and beef flavoured gelatine capsules are now available from certain manufacturers for use in veterinary medicines. Many pet owners will know the trauma associated with giving traditional tablets or capsules to pets – stressing not only the pet but also the owner. This stress is greatly reduced by using naturally flavoured capsules. A further benefit for flavoured pet medicines is that theycan be encased in two capsules – one inside the other. This is ideal if two medicines are required to be given concurrently. The outer capsule dissolves first and, after a few minutes in the gut, the second will start dissolving as well.

Colour Coded Capsules

Gelatin capsules can be coloured as well as flavoured. This makes it easier to produce medicines that can be quickly recognized, for patients with disability or children. We all know how difficult it is to have kids take their medicines and by having different colours and flavours, they can be encouraged to take the medicine or supplements. Having colour-coded capsules can also help indicate which capsules to take at a particular time of the day.

For visually impaired individuals or those with low vision, colour-coded and flavoured capsules can make identification easier, as they can rely on their sense of smell to determine which capsules should be taken and when. Some manufacturers also manufacture capsules embossed with Braille making it easier for blind or partially sighted people to determine which pills they should take.

Pain- and Stress-Free Experience

Some people absolutely hate taking medicines in the form of tablets, as they can often have a bad taste or pungent smell. Such features can also make the whole experience of taking tablets quite terrifying for small children. Instead of dealing with this problem every single day, flavoured capsules now make it easier for consumers to take the medication. With choices such as coffee, grape or bubblegum flavours, taking capsules can be a pain - and stress-free experience.

Business Potential

For those who are in the business of developing supplements or drug-formulated capsules, choosing a favourite flavour for the capsule can help increase the competitiveness of your product. For example Americans love their bacon and any bacon-related products tend to be preferred by consumers in the USA. If you have a little sense of humour, why not try producing bacon-flavoured capsules – they may increase not only your profit but also your customer base.

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