How to solve Tablet Chipping

Definition: The chipping occurs when the edges of the tablets break during the press process or during the handling and coating.

Reason: May be due to the incorrect equipment setting, misaligned ejection

The Causes And Remedies Of Chipping Related To Formulation (Granulation) Are As Follows

Sticking on punch faces Dry the granules properly or increase lubrication.
Too dry granules. Moisten the granules to plasticize. Add hygroscopic substances.
Too much binding causes chipping at bottom. Optimize binding, or use dry binders.

The Causes And Remedies Of Chipping Related To Tablet Presses (Dies, Punches And Tablet Press)

Groove of die worn at compression point. Polish to open end, reverse or replace the die.
Barreled die (center of the die wider than ends) Polish the die to make it cylindrical
Edge of punch face turned inside/inward. Polish the punch edges
Concavity too deep to compress properly. Reduce concavity of punch faces. Use flat punches.
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