How To Operate And Clean Metal Detectors

Learn how to operate metal detectors and proper cleaning by following the guide below.

Pre-start up

  1. Check that no previous batch is present in the machine.
  2. Check the machine for cleanliness as well as tahe whole processing area.
  3. Check that the label “cleaned” is affix in the equipment.
  4. Check the temperature and relative humidity of the area.
  5. Check that the equipment is receiving a single-phase alternating current supply.
  6. Check that the metal detector is working properly.
  7. Check the fitting and inclination of the acrylic feeding chute.
  8. Check that the metal detector is in ferrous particle detection mode by passing a sample supplied with the equipment for verification and calibration of the metal detector.
  9. Check that personnel is wearing proper uniform including gown, nose mask and gloves.
  10. Verify the equipment usage log and make sure that the equipment cleaning operation is documented.


  1. Change the label “cleaned” to “under process”.
  2. Switch the equipment on and wait for few minutes.
  3. Pass the tablets through to be detected by the feeding chute.
  4. Collect the tablets that were detected and place them into a double polybag lined plastic container.
  5. Seal and label the container.
  6. Once operation is done, transfer and inspect the tablets.
  7. Change the “under process” label to “to be cleaned”.


  1. Ensure that the “to be cleaned” label is attached to the metal detector.
  2. Check that the power supply is off.
  3. Disassemble and clean the equipment with lint free cloth.
  4. Wash each part with raw water followed by 0.1% w/v Teepol solution.
  5. Wash the parts with raw water to remove the Teepol solution.
  6. Wash with purified water and send rinse water sample to the QA for removal of traces.
  7. Assemble the equipment back.
  8. Document the cleaning details in the cleaning log.
  9. Change the “to be cleaned” to “cleaned” label.
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