RTP 10i Rotary Tablet Press

RTP10i Rotary Tablet Press

Introducing the RTP 10i from LFA. The RTP10i is a revolutionary intelligent tablet press, with 10 punch stations it’s an excellent solution for small batch production with its digital modern replacements.

A fully enclosed stainless steel body and a GMP compliant perspex shield that will keep your operator safe and your products free from cross contamination.

The touch screen controls turret speed, pressure and fill depth making tablet pressing, easier, faster and more efficient.

Using EU D tooling and a 2 stage pressing process allows it to produce up to 18,000 top quality tablets per hour.

The RTP 10i is able to use both round and shaped tooling
The RTP10i has a pre-compression function, pre-compressing your tablets before the main compression, giving you a higher quality tablet.

An optional force feeder, giving your production line even more efficiency.

The RTP10i is an excellent solution for R&D, pharmaceutical and food industries but will work with a whole range of business that require small batches of high quality tablets.

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