RTP 33 Rotary Tablet Press

RTP 33 Rotary Tablet Press

Introducing the RTP 33, the Rotary Tablet Press, with 33 stations from LFA.

The RTP 33 is an economical yet extremely powerful pellet press designed for chemical, ceramics or food manufacturers who need to produce tablets or pellets in industrial quantities.

When making a single layered tablet the RTP 33 is able to produce 110,000 tablets per hour.

It is also possible to configure the RTP 33 to produce a double layered tablet.

The RTP 33 is powered by a 2.2kw three phase motor which enables it to apply 40 KN of direct compression forces to produce your tablets.

The RTP 33 can produce tablets or pellets of up to 12mm in diameter and 6mm in depth, when set up with RTP Tooling.

It is also possible to get the RTP 33 with a EURO B or EURO D tooling turret.

The RTP 33 features a built in powder suction unit that prevents build up of powder around moving parts. Keeping the die heads clear for a smooth press operation.

You’re easily able to adjust the punch pressure and fill depth with the dials on the front and side of the press, allowing the operator to make small incremental changes.

The RTP 33 is designed for mass production.

The RTP 33 is a robust machine, weighing in at 850kg, it’s been built with practicality in mind.

If you’re looking for large scale production of tablets or pellets whilst keeping unit cost low, the RTP 33 is an exceptional press.

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