RTP Rotary Tablet Press Range

LFA’s Rotary Tablet Presses are cost-effective solutions for businesses looking to scale up their tablet production whilst keeping their quality.

Our RTP range offers a wide selection of choice, from our RTP 9 which can produce 16,200 tablets per hour. Up to our HSTP-40 which can produce an impressive 252,000 per hour.

All of LFA’s RTP range is solidly engineered with reliable components and powerful motors. Some of our RTP range includes features such as Stainless steel contact parts, turret shields for safety and hygiene, touch screens, pressure overload protection as well as other safety features.

The presses in the RTP range can be fitted with Euro B or Euro D turrets built to the ISO 18084 standard. Our RTP’s have been built with efficiency in mind, producing high volumes of tablets whilst having minimal operator overheads keep your unit cost low.

They are simple to use and require minimal training and have been built to withstand intensive commercial use.

LFA is able to offer onsite surveys to ensure you’re getting the correct tablet press for your business. The RTP range consists of the RTP 9, the RTP 33, the RTP 10i, The RTP 41 and the HSTP range.

Also offering up to 1-year parts warranty and lifetime technical support to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.

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