RTP 9 Inspecting Roller Cams

RTP 9 Inspecting Roller Cams Welcome to LFA’s video on inspecting your RTP 9 Roller Cams. Overtime your Roller Cams will wear down so it’s important to spot when they need changing. The cams are what come into direct contact with the head of the punches. Here are 2 examples of roller cams. On the right, we have a brand new roller cam. On the left, we have a cam which has wear but wouldn’t need to be changed at this point as it’s not excessive wear. As you can see from our worn cam there’s a line beginning to form. Eventually, this will begin to form a groove with high points at either side. As soon as you can feel this is when you’d be changing your cam, as not doing some will damage your tooling., make your tablets soft and put them out of tolerance.
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