RTP 9 Adjusting Feed Frame

Welcome to LFA’s guide on adjusting your RTP 9 feed frame.

Knowing how to calibrate your feed frame is critical to the good running of the press. If your feed frame isn’t calibrated correctly you may have excess formulation across the turret table and die faces.

Before we start, we need to loosen the bolts on the feeder tray fitting parts with a 5mm Allen key so the upper part can move freely.

Next using a feeler gauge, using setting 0.15mm, rest it on the turret table and place the feed frame on top of it and into position. 

Now replace the 2 feeder tray thumb bolts by hand, as you’re tightening you’ll notice it slightly pulls the lower section of the feeder tray fittings upwards.

Whilst doing this constantly using the feeler gauges to ensure there’s some movement, it will feel tight but this is normal.

Now we can tighten the feeder tray fitting parts again with the 5mm Allen key.

Once complete, again, use your feeler gauge around the feed tray from different angles.

If you still find you’re losing an excessive amount of formulation out onto the die table, we can use a lower setting on the feeler gauge. It’s important to do this in small increments, if the feed tray is too close to the die table, it will wear the brass wear part on the feed tray very fast.

If your feed tray is worn, LFA does sell replacements which can be found in the description below.

Now we need to replace the tablet take off blade, using the 2 screws we need to ensure formulation can pass under it but it a tablet can’t. A general rule would be to mount it at one-third of your tablet height if your tablet is 3mm thick you should mount your take off blade at 1mm.

Now replace the scraper blade, this scrapes excess powder off the die face. Whilst installing it with the 2 screws, press down the scraper blade against the turret table firmly to ensure it’s tight.

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