TDP 5 Desktop Tablet Press Version 2

Welcome to LFA’s video on our TDP 5 Version 2 The TDP 5 Version 2 desktop tablet press can produce up to 4,800 tablets per hour, it has been redesigned from the ground up to provide you with higher quality tablets. The TDP 5 has a maximum pressure of 50 kN, an adjustable fill depth of up to 18mm and can produce tablets up to 20mm in diameter and 6mm thick. It doesn’t restrict you to regular shaped tablets, by changing the tooling on the machine you can produce tablets in any shape you choose. The TDP 5 version 2 features upgrades such as improved plastic hopper and boot, you can see your powder flow into the tooling allowing you to spot potential problems in your mix. The fill depth has been increased from 16mm to 18mm giving you a potential tablet thickness of 8mm’s. The TDP 5 has been coated, painted and produced from rust-resistant materials to make it resistant to rust. 3 layers of hard enamel paint, including on the inside of the base that’s longer-lasting and will help with your cleaning procedures. The machine can be used both electrically powered or used in manual mode by simply turning the handwheel, using the handle provided with the TDP 5. An improved motor with CE certification with reduced noise and vibrations as well as a higher quality belt to transfer the torque from the motor to the upper cam more efficiently. Overall our new TDP 5 has been CNC’d to very high tolerances. LFA can supply both a 0.75kW or 0.55kW three-phase motor that supplies either 110v or 220v and we will supply an IEC lead that will be specified for your country. At LFA we ensure our customers come first so we’ve produced a manual packed with information as well as IQ and OQ documentation If you’d like to know more about the TDP 5 version then please get in touch.
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