The Different Types of Tablet Packing Machines

A wide variety of tablet packaging machines are available from different manufacturers. This article describes the main types, categorized as follows:

  1. Strip Packing Machine
    • High Speed Tablet Strip Packing Machine
    • Automatic/Soft Double Al Strip Packing Machine
    • Automatic Al/Al packing machine and foil strip packing machine
    • High Quality Tablet Strip Packing Machine
    • Rotary Type Tablet Strip Packing Machine
  2. Blister Packaging Machines
    • Automatic Strip Blister Packing Machine
    • PVC Blister Packaging of Tablets
    • Self-checking Moulding Aluminum Blister Packing Machine
    • LFA High Quality Blister Strip Packing Machine
  3. Aluminium foil packaging machine
    • Double-side Aluminium Foil Packing Machine
  4. LFA Automatic Tablet Counting Machine
  5. Automatic Pouch Packing Machine
  6. Vertical tablet packing machinery
  7. Economical Tablet Packaging Equipment
  8. Fill & Sealing Machine
    • Pedal Type
    • Pneumatic type
  9. Automatic Tablet Packaging Machine
  10. Inline heat sealing machine

Features and Applications of Tablet Packaging Machines

Strip Packaging Machine

A high-speed machine that is ideal for different products such as tablets, dragees or capsules. Machines are robust and well constructed and generally provide high quality by using accurate temperature control, and the ability to exert variable pressure on the sealing rollers.

A strip packaging machine is ideal for coating heat sealable films such as polymer-coated aluminum foil, cellophone and polymer-coated paper. Important features of the machine are:

  • Availability of Standard interchangeable parts
  • Cutting arrangement are adjustable
  • Quick and easy change of parts for application with different product types
  • Precise knurling (sealing rollers)
  • Smooth, silent operation
  • Compact – minimal floor space
  • Robust and corrosion resistant coating

(a) High Speed Tablet Strip – a fully automatic workhorse machine, commonly used for packaging huge quantities of products, can be installed with pin hole device, easily adjustable film feeding system, adjustable conveyor table. It can meet the needs of different products

  • Contains plated Teflon which is heat resistant and leads to excellent sealing, without any issues caused by the of the film melting and causing local air pollution.
  • Can be assembled for either horizontal or vertical feed and is easy to configure for both.
  • Waste film is collected automatically
  • Packaging with different sizes of products is also easy as it is simple to adjust the oprating conditions. Not necessary to manually exchange the packaging moulds.
  • APID controller is used for setting operating parameters such as temperature, which are set and recorded digitally.
  • Sealing temperature is extremely accurate and easy to set.
  • Cutter has protective function to avoid any damage to the products
  • The machine has a safe glass cover, protecting the operator
  • Machine can be attached to the production line for automatic production

(b) Automatic/Soft Double Aluminium Strip Packing Machine – ideal for products that need packaging between two sheets of aluminum foil, such as candies, foodstuff, tablets and pills. The equipment is able to operate without llight, and therefore meets the requirement for sensitive products that are cannot tolerate exposure to light. .

  • Ideal for aluminum to aluminum foil heat sealed packaging of products
  • Can also be used for plastic to plastic sealing
  • The machine automatically completes functions such as cutting margin scrap, broken piece filtering, and material feeding. Batch number printing can be automated, and even transverse impressing.
  • It is fully programmable via a programmable logic controller (PLC).
  • Cutting speed and travel range are fully adjustable
  • Gives accurate feeding, full purpose, ease of operation, tight sealing, stable performance
  • Can enhance the presentation of the product item and extend its durability
  • Ideal for pharmaceutical companies

(c) Automatic Al/Al Packing Machine and Foil Strip Packing Machine

  • Ideal for sealing products and items between two sheets of aluminium foil, used in chemistry, pharmaceutical and food industry products.
  • Packages can be air-tight and light-tight. Can seal products between two plastic films.
  • Many automatic functions available such as fracture screening, vertical pressing, vibration feeding, removal of extras, lot number printing and even horizontal screening
  • Ideal for double aluminum foil hot sealing

(d) High Quality Tablet Strip Packing Machine

  • The best machines provide simple and fast bag/pouch size changeover
  • Hot stamping date printing is available
  • Protective cover is provided for the cutter, giving improved safety
  • Control and monitoring available from touch-screen
  • Variety of dosing systems are available for variety of food items
  • The machine has different dosing system and the VFH series can automatically finish the packing of different tablet variety, capsules, liquid food products, powder, product filling, data printing to finished bag output and plastic bag forming.

(e) Rotary Type Tablet Strip

  • Availability of HCI for parameter setting
  • Self-checking functionality
  • Sensitivity to color code tracking, digitizing, accurate positioning of sealing and cutting
  • Controlled temperature by an independent PID
  • No sticking knife, positioned stop setting
  • Simple power train system
  • Reliable and ease of maintenance
  • Easy function adjustment, technology upgrade, reliable
  • Ideal for a variety of objects such as medicine, paper boxes, daily appliances, pallet

Blister Packaging Machine

This machine is ideal for packaging pharmaceutical materials in blister packs that use materials such as polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene and polypropylene.

(a) Automatic Strip Blister Packaging – packs tablets or capsules into strips.

  • The vibration feeder and crisp remover can remove the powder and crisps inside medicine effectively
  • Horizontal perforation
  • Auto-counting slitting waster-side cutting
  • Automatically prints batch number
  • The diameter of the heat pressing cam can be modify from 110 to 140mm
  • Rotating speed of the material controlling cam is the same as with the heat-pressing cam. The cams equilibrium is equal to the medicament nest of the heat pressing cam
  • Punch adopts the PLC program and electronic checking signal. It can modify the granules at any time making it easier to change plates with replacing the molds.
  • One can add cursor tracking and registering plate and inking wheel printer so that the product can have a uniform look with digit numbers clearly stamped

(b) PVC Blister Packaging – it is ideal for packing liquid or solid products

  • Blister packaging can protect the material from dust or steam and can increase its value. Blister packaging is used for large quantity and even single products

(c) Self-Checking Moulding Aluminum Blister Packaging – flat surface with registered heating, up and down moire, adjustable strokes, air cylinder heating sealing, manipulator draw

  • Concave convex are used to lock the mould
  • Body can be manufactured separately
  • Use for packing medicines

(d) LFA Good Quality Blister Packing Machine

  • Machine is design for safe and convenient operation
  • Rectangle moulds are used providing ease of mould replacement.
  • All material are made up of high quality stainless steel, slap up surface treatment craft and aluminum metal
  • Efficient feeding, reliable and ideal for different arrangement type as well as irregular feeding
  • Machine is designed separately
  • Used commonly for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Can improve quality and add value to the product

Aluminium Foil Packaging Machine

It is ideal for packing all types of products such as liquid, solid and paste material it is made up of moulds ( ex: heat seal, forming. Punch) and ideal for a variety of plate size, high accuracy, excellent adaptability

  • Easy and stable operation. Adjustable stroke, mechanism hand for traction
  • Easy changeable moulds
  • Ideal for different plates and ease of operation
  • Aluminium foil reel adopts a stable device which cancels the pull force change
  • Compressed heat sealing, net pattern clearly shown
  • Firm and 100% sealed
  • Specially ideal for hot sensitivity medicines

(a) Double side Aluminium Foil Packing – a new type of machine that adopts an automatic control technology. It creates and designs high technological content. It is highly efficient, low noise level, convenient, easily maintained.

  • It is ideal for making packages for capsules, troche, food and even electronics. It is also ideal for objects such as candies.
  • It has excellent sealed and photophobic function
  • Adopts PLC control
  • Features can be set. (ex: hot sealing, printing batch codes, filling)
  • Not limited like other machines
  • Convenient, high speed packing efficiency

Tablet Counter/Packing Machines

(a) The AccuCounter Bench Top machine is ideal for packaging tablets, capsules, and other pharmaceutical products. It is one of the most attractive and easiest to use bench-top packing machines available, and features include:

  • Two stainless steel nozzles for continuous counting and filling.
  • Production rate of up to 2000 tablets per minute or 1000 capsules per minute.
  • High performance counter with variable counting speed
  • Easy to use back-lit display
  • Easy replacement of parts
  • All stainless steel construction meets stringent safety and health guidelines
  • Dust accumulating device ensures continual accuracy.

Automatic Pouch Packing Machine

Fully automatic with form fill seal function. Commonly used for food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and beverage industry. The machine can make stand up pouch as well as finish the packing. The main can be integrated with different filling products such as powder, liquid tablet, solids, irregular products, viscous liquids.


  • Independent sealing device – high seal strength, less leakage, pouch appearance, independent pouch maker
  • Rolling perforation device – compact structure, longer life span
  • Servo advance system – easily computerized specifications, less deviation, ideal for big volume
  • Dual filling – reduction of filling time, accurate, can fill 2 products at the same time

Vertical Tablet Packing

Ideal for round sugar coated products tablets, capsule, chocolate bean, steel ball, bolts, buttons

  • Durable, compact structure
  • Stable operation, low noise
  • Can finish the whole process

Economical Tablet Packing

A complete line of packaging equipment that requires production speed of 20-90 bottles/minute. An economical equipment do not sacrifice quality and accuracy making it a cost saver.

Fill and Sealing Machine

This machine combines the functions of filling a pouch with product and heat sealing the filled pouch. The packing film is loaded on a shoot that also acts as the funnel during the filling process. A pre-measured amount of the product fills the pouch and is heat-sealed.

(a) Pedal Type Fill and Seal – this is the crudest and most simple fill and seal machine. It is based on the mechanical pedal-operated plastic bag or pouch sealer but also incorporates a filling system. It is ideal for low volumes of materials, and products that do not need to be automated.

(b) Pneumatic machine – used for robust, reliable and reproducible sealing of large quantities of product. Features:

  • Impulse or direct heat-sealing system is available, depending on client’s requirement
  • Ideal for packing free flowing materials such as oil, tablet, granules, chips etc...
  • Table is adjustable to accommodate different pouch sizes
  • Audiovisual is available for the fill and seal process – good for quality control
  • Sealing is controlled pneumatically – machine is essentially the same as the pedal operated machine but pneumatic action makes it easier and more reliable for the operator.

Automatic Tablet Packaging

The most advanced type of fill and seal machine, completely microprocessor controlled with provision for adjusting the length of the packaging which can be programmed to suit different pouches and products. Replacement of gears is no longer needed to suit different pouches as with the semi-automatic machines. .

The machine adopts an advanced “chain pitch wheel transmission system” to ensure continuous sealing. The design not only guarantees stability of the operation but also increase efficiency of the machine. It is ideal for automatic packing of medical products in plain film packages, pan goods, sugar coated tablets and pharmaceutical products.

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