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Guide to the Packing Process For Pharmaceutical Companies

The packing process is an integral part of the manufacturing process for pharmaceutical products. Below is a summary of good practices that may help streamline the packing process.

  1. Physically separate the finished products and the packing materials in the packaging area to avoid any mix-up of finished and unfinished items.
  2. Prevent mix-ups by packing one type of product at a time.
  3. Before starting the packing process, check the product and the packaging to make sure that these conform to the descriptions given in the batch manufacturing record (BMR) of the product.
  4. Remove rejects or discard any products that are not included in the batch.
  5. Report any problems including discrepancies during the operation to the QA department and to the head of production.
  6. Identify the packing materials used during the process with the code and lot number as per the BMR.
  7. Destroy any excess used or unused packing materials as per standard operating procedure (SOP).
  8. Destroy any unprinted or printed unused packing materials after the process is complete, and reconcile these with the BMR.
  9. For excess materials, return these back to the warehouse and file a return note.
  10. Check the BMR to make sure that all documents are in order before submitting to the QA department.
  11. QA should regularly check and do random testing to make sure that packing procedures are correctly followed.
  12. Keep a detailed record of the packing operation, and keep it up to date every time there is a packing operation or change of procedure.
  13. Inspect the packing area and the equipment before starting the packing operation.
  14. Maintain a strict inventory and reconciliation of the products in respect to its packing components as indicated in the BMR.
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