This is the TDP 5 tablet press. Today I'm producing my own weight loss tablet which have a mix of caffeine powder and other salts and supplements and vitamins.

This is one of our best selling models, the TDP 5. I would definitely recommend the 5 over say the TDP 1.5 tablet press or the TDP 0 pill press because the amount of pressure exerted by the motor is much greater and enables you to make a much better tablet. When you receive your TDP 5 it will come fully assembled, the only two things that you'll have to do yourself are attached, the hopper and the tray for the ejection of the tablets. Today I'm making weight loss tablets in a little triangle shape so you can make yourself T5s or caffeine tablets or vitamin tablets at home which is quite convenient.

On the side of the TDP 5 model there's a manual flywheel and you'll have to get used to using this quite regularly whenever you're changing any of the settings on your machine. I definitely recommend first putting out a couple of tablets just using the flywheel, if I get it started I can show you it in action. And it works just as well as the TDP 5 motor but it's a little bit quieter and it also means that you can't damage your machine because you can stop if you feel it catching.

The machine comes with a standard dejamming bar you simply pop it into the side here and it gives you leverage because of the gearing on these two cogs. This is actually the bit that is driven from the motor so it gives you really good leverage to push it through. This is a closeup shot of the lower drift pin assembly. As you can see here, this is the knob for the ejection height, adjusting the ejection height and this is the knob for adjusting the fill depth.