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  • Fly Wheel Handle Bolt - TDP5 Fly Wheel Handle Bolt - TDP5

Fly Wheel Handle Bolt - TDP5

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The hand wheel handle bolt for the TDP 5 from LFA allows the handle mounted on the fly wheel on the right hand side of the press to fold in. This stops it from becoming dangerous when the press is being run using power from the motor.

This handle can be used to run the machine with out the use of the motor. If this is something that you would like to do we recommend removing the drive belt from the motor to reduce friction. When you are using the motor use Fly Wheel Handel Bolt to fold in the handle.

The Fly Wheel Handel Bolt for the TDP 5 should be used every time the motor is used.

Maintenance and servicing on your TDP just got a great deal simpler. Avoid making costly mistakes by checking the press using the Fly Wheel Handel for the TDP 5 then fold it away using the Fly Wheel Handel Bolt to do your production run.

As soon as you receive your parts you will discover why all of LFA's parts are guaranteed. The Fly Wheel Handel Bolt for the TDP 5 is no exception. Make from milled steel it is extremely durable.

Imagine not having so much downtime on your manufacturing line dew to simple mistakes caused by not turning over your press by hand first. If you have lost your Fly Wheel Handel Bolt for the TDP 5 it is really important to replace it as soon as you can.

Never fear lengthy pauses in productivity again. LFA offers express delivery across the world giving you the peace of mind to focus on improving your business. Let LFA help your business function more efficiently.

LFA's legitimate TDP parts are proven effective and safe by our own thorough quality control screening process.

All of our parts are brand new and delivered rapidly to you. In addition LFA's parts include a 180-day warranty, there's also a 100% full money back guarantee if you are not pleased with our service. We provide free delivery on all of our legitimate TDP parts.

Order LFA's quality TDP5 parts immediately and you'll not be disappointed.

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