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HSP20B Pharmaceutical Pulveriser

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  • Gives Mix Consistency
  • 1 Year Parts Warranty
  • Easy to Operate

The HSP20B is a high speed pulverising machine that is used for crushing raw materials into finer grains for use in the pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, food and related industries. GMP compliant in its design, and manufactured from stainless steel, this pulveriser is durable, hygienic and easy to clean. This makes it suitable for foodstuffs and other applications where hygiene and avoiding cross contamination are important. The HSP20B pulveriser also offers a very good output to cost ratio, making it excellent value. Using a rugged 4 Kw electric motor the HSP20B has a capacity of up to 160Kg of dry raw materials. It features an integral dust collector that improves the operating environment and helps comply with health and safety needs. The pulveriser operates by using two fixed tooth disks and a metal turning blade to crush the contents of the drum then process them through a screen. The motion employed is very energy efficient and creates a comparatively low volume of noise. As the HSP20B requires only basic maintenance it is a simple and cost efficient machine to run.

Main benefits at a glance:

  • Large capacity, up to 160 Kg
  • Integral dust collector
  • GMP compliant design
  • Powerful and reliable 4Kw motor
  • Stable, low vibration operation
  • Stainless steel construction for durability and hygiene
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain


The HSP20B high speed pharmaceutical pulveriser uses a carefully engineered gearing system to achieve a stable, low vibration action. With a stainless steel drum that has smooth internal surfaces, this pulveriser is simple to keep clean, making it suitable for demanding applications that require high levels of hygiene and contamination control. The pulverising drum can hold up to 160 Kg of dry materials, and has a powerful motor to ensure safe and effective operation. The integral dust collection device makes the pulveriser especially safe to use, and the machine has been designed to incorporate GMP principles.

HSP20B Pulveriser in Use

This is a very simple machine to use. Just fill the raw materials into the drum, switch on, and allow the pulveriser to reduce them to a fine powder. You can change the screen mesh if you want to, and as long as you avoid wet raw materials or metal it will make short work of most substances, producing a fine, even powder.

Maintenance is undemanding, and as there are comparatively few parts with a little basic care the machine will run and run.

The integrated dust collector is an effective way to keep the working environment safe and pleasant, as well as helping to avoid contamination and saving cleaning time.

LFA's View

This is a cost effective solution for any dry pulverising application. Reliable, well designed, stable, and GMP compliant, the HSP20B is a fast and efficient machine that will get the job done quickly and without drama, while achieving good levels of energy efficiency. The gearing design ensures a stable and low vibration operation while the simple controls and easy maintenance mean that little operator training is needed.

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