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  1. GR Powder Granulators

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Granulation is an often underestimated component of getting a perfect tablet. If your products are not directly compressible (DC) then you will need to capsule them or granulate them. There are two main forms of granulation, wet granulation and dry. For more information on the process of granulation check out the information in our articles section.

LFA's granulators are primarily intended for turning fine powder into coarser granules that can be used to make tablets, or to create granules for the ceramic, pharmaceutical or chemical industries. They can also be used to crush agglomerates into granules, break down coagulated materials, and for a host of food processing applications.

Our GR Powder Granulators are a series of five GMP compliant oscillating granulators, with capacities ranging between 30Kg and 300Kg an hour. They are designed to produce a highly efficient motion that uses the action of a metal roller against a wire mesh to create homogeneous and consistent granules. All the granulator machines in the series have stainless steel tanks that are hygienic and easy to clean, and can cope with both wet and dry materials. They are energy efficient, easy to use and maintain, and very reliable.

If you are not sure which of the series would best suit your needs, please enquire and we will be very happy to advise.