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  • Front on view of the LTP50 Large Industrial Tablet Press Front on view of the LTP50 Large Industrial Tablet Press
  • Close up of the LTP50 Large Tablet Press Punch Die Area Close up of the LTP50 Large Tablet Press Punch Die Area
  • Close up of the LTP50 Large Tablet Press Top Cam Close up of the LTP50 Large Tablet Press Top Cam

LTP50 Large Tablet Press

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The LTP50 Tablet Press is a single punch continuous use pill press offering some unique features that make it an especially attractive choice for industries that require large tablets. Together with an outstanding maximum pressure of 100Kn, and the ability to produce exceptionally large tablets up to 5cm in diameter, this tablet press is ideal for pressing the large tablets used in metallurgical, electronics and other industries, as well as creating herbal or mineral supplements and ordinary pharmaceutical tablets. The LTP50 Tablet Press can produce round, square and geometrical shaped tablets, with or without a design or logo stamped into the surface. With a maximum production of 2760 tablets an hour, it is well suited to use in hospitals, laboratories, commercial applications and small batch production.

Easy to use and requiring only minimal maintenance, the LTP50 Tablet Press is a solidly engineered piece of equipment that offers good value for money. 

Main benefits of the LTP50

Exceptional high maximum pressure of 100kn makes the LTP50 press ideal for large-volume tablets

  • Outstanding maximum tablet diameter of 50mm
  • Can stamp logos/designs on the tablets
  • Can produce round, square or other geometrically shaped tablets
  • Presses up to 2760 tablets an hour
  • Adjustable tablet thickness up to 20mm
  • Ideal for metallurgy, electronics, fertiliser, pesticide and other applications needing a large tablet volume
  • Solidly engineered for reliability
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain


Thanks to a class leading maximum pressure of 100Kn, the LTP50 Tablet Press is the ideal tablet pressing machine for any application that needs to manufacture tablets with a large volume, or tablets that are made from hard to press raw materials, such as herbal or mineral supplements. Although this tablet press is an excellent choice for ordinary tabletting work, the ability to produce tablets up to 5cm across and 2cm thick makes it the natural choice for industrial applications that require tablets outside the ordinary consumer sizes. Metallurgy and electronics are key examples, as are agriculture and the chemical industry.

This is a versatile machine that can stamp logos or designs onto the surface of tablets, and which can produce tablets that are round, square, oval, or other geometric shapes. It is easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to clean. Sturdy, yet compact with a small footprint, the LTP50 Tablet Press take up surprisingly little space yet is a precision tool that offers the capacity to produce tablets of a size that very few other machines can match

LTP50 Tablet Press in Use

The most outstanding experience with the LTP50 Tablet Press is to see the size and quality of the tablets it churns out. Although on the face of it 2760 an hour is not a fast production rate compared to many of the machines in our range, when those tablets are 4 or 5 cm across and a couple of centimetres thick, the output looks very impressive. These are not tiny little pills for swallowing, they are mini-bricks for industrial use.

Of course you can use this pill press to produce normal sized tablets too, and the high maximum pressure ensures that they are of excellent solidity and durability. This is therefore a highly versatile machine, able to press top quality herbal or mineral supplements, solid, brick shaped tablets for industrial or agricultural use, or just ordinary pharmaceutical pills. Whichever you ask it to do, the LTP50 Tablet Press is equally at home.

It also has a reassuring solidity, which reflects the fact that it is a heavy machine for just a single cutting head. Tall and heavily engineered, it is not a portable press by any means. But it is easy to use, clean and maintain, and will run and run without complaint.

Our View

The LTP50 Tablet Press is perfectly designed to fill a niche need for large tablets for industrial applications. Yet it is still an excellent machine for making ordinary tablets too, and is especially suited to herbal supplements and bulky mineral supplements, both of which benefit from the high pressure that this machine can generate.

With only the one cutting head, and producing a maximum of 2760 pieces per hour, it is not a fast machine for mass production purposes. But it is an outstandingly versatile machine. For hospitals, research and development laboratories and other specialist uses, it is a solid, reliable pill press that is easy to use and maintain and will not let you down.

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Name Value
Max. Pressure (KN) 100
Max. Dia. of Tablet (mm) 50
Max. Filling Depth (mm) 45
Thickness of largest tablet (mm) 20
Turret speed (r/min) 6-14
Production Capacity (pc/h) 2760
Motor Power (KW) 3.7
Overall dimensions (mm) 666×860×1824
Net weight (KG) 770

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